Drupal Maintenance Request Service

When scoping out a Drupal project, maintenance considerations are often pushed to the side. Drupal's modular nature allows its modules to exist together, but not without risk. An update to a module or core can break another. Bugs can be introduced with new features.
Launching your website is not a set-it-and-forget-it proposition. To stay current and secure, your Drupal site needs to be monitored and updated on a regular basis. Security updates,new features, bug fixes and Drupal upgrades are all part of an effective maintenance plan to keep your website running at full efficiency.
An enterprise website might have hundred of modules installed. How do you make sure all these modules are going to work together? And how do you stay current on all the changes that take place each time a new version is released? We can help answer these questions... whether you are planning a new site or maintaining an existing site.
Contact us for more information about maintaining your Drupal website. 

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