Content Type Creation Request Service

Drupal manages your website's content in a way that makes it easy to create and consume. Each time you create a post (or a page, blog, etc.), a "Content Type" is used to hold and form the items you entered. There are a few basic Content Types that are built into Drupal -- Page, Blog, Book. They are robust and useful for their labeled purpose, but you may need additional custom Content Types to meet your goals.

A fully developed Content Type allows a delegated user access to the parts they need to complete their task. If you ever hear someone familiar with Wordpress complaining that Drupal is hard to use, they are usually working with a Content Type that hasn't been set up for their purpose, or is configured incorrectly.

What you're reading right now has been entered and is displayed as part of a custom-developed Content Type. With Drupal's Content Types, we can safely give content writers and sales people access to create and make changes to the Services we offer. They don't have to worry about formatting, HTML or CSS. They don't need to be Photoshop experts to resize the icons. All those details are handled by the Content Type. This allows developers to develop, content people to develop content, and sales people to respond to the markets we serve.

If you're struggling with Drupal, this is the most likely place you are having trouble. Click the Request Service button (configured and placed there by the Content Type!) above for relief.

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