New Drupal Modules

UIkit CKEditor Widgets

Tue, 07/18/2017 - 00:29

UIkit CKEditor Widgets provides various CKEditor plugins and widgets of UIkit components for the UIkit base theme.

Drutopia Social

Mon, 07/17/2017 - 19:31

Provides a social media block.

Development is on GitLab and mirrored here.

Drutopia Search

Mon, 07/17/2017 - 19:18

Content search functionality using Search API and the database backend.

Development is on GitLab and mirrored here.

Entity Reference Automation

Mon, 07/17/2017 - 15:28

Entity reference simplifies content editing by auto filling field data based on relations when changes are made to a content entity. This takes concern away from worrying about assigning values on two fields, and means that content can be more organized. The auto fill of fields is handled in the browser, to allow the user to review the values before the change is made.

Example usage:

Highlight Changes

Mon, 07/17/2017 - 14:38

Highlight Changes provides a way for a user to visually see then changes made when editing content and entities. The modules provides feedback when values are changed, and a interface for the user to view and revert changes to a field.

Highlight changes tracks the initial value of a input when the page is rendered, when that input's value is changed, notice is placed next to the field, that provides a link to view and revert the changes made to the initial values.

This supports and works with core field widgets, CKEditor, Chosen and other modules as well.

Menu for groups

Mon, 07/17/2017 - 09:04

This module gives an option for the user to link a menu to a specified group.


PixelPin OpenID Connect

Mon, 07/17/2017 - 08:24

PixelPin OpenID Connect is a Drupal 7 Module for authenticating with PixelPin using the OpenID Connect API.

PixelPin OpenID Connect allows you to connect your website to PixelPin and let users authenticate using passwordless pictures. With PixelPin OpenID Connect module, your user's to log in to your website using their PixelPin pictures. With PixelPin OpenID Connect, user's will no longer need to complete numerous forms for a successful registration.

Config Export Ignore

Mon, 07/17/2017 - 02:06

This module allows to ignore specified configuration entities from being exported by config split.

Config split allows to split configuration, but in some cases you want to ignore files from being exported at all. Something like migrate_plus configuration files. So you can specify all these configuration entities in config from and it won't be exported.

Other ways to prevent config from being exported


Sun, 07/16/2017 - 19:50

Locale Plural Formula

Sun, 07/16/2017 - 10:16

The functionality provided by this module is to update the pattern with which plural forms are calculated a particular language.

Email token

Sun, 07/16/2017 - 04:06

Email token


This module provides 3 tokens.

(a) [etf:gin-title] gives current node title. (blank for front page)

(b) [etf:gin-url] gives current node url.

(c) [etf:gin-email] provides an email link.
A link will get generated "mail me" embedded in a div with class "gin-email-token".

U.S. Web Design Standards - Paragraphs

Sat, 07/15/2017 - 18:51

This module provides Paragraph types intended to be used with the U.S. Web Design Standards library. This makes a good companion to the USWDS Drupal theme.

Current paragraph types include:

Like It!

Sat, 07/15/2017 - 15:48

File Access Permission

Sat, 07/15/2017 - 05:45

Menu Item Extras

Sat, 07/15/2017 - 03:57

Menu Item Extras provides extra fields for the Menu Items.


Fri, 07/14/2017 - 19:44

Provide a Content-Security-Policy header for your Drupal site based on your site's frontend libraries.

Price Spider

Fri, 07/14/2017 - 14:40

This module provides a basic integration with the Price Spider service. Currently this module only provides support for the page-embedded generic Where-to-Buy (WTB) experience.

Module installation

It is recommended that you use composer to install this module.
composer require drupal/pricespider

Config Templates

Fri, 07/14/2017 - 14:00

Provides configuration templates for use with the Config Actions module, and provides a plugin for the Features UI that allows your configuration to be saved as a Template and/or Override rather than a direct Feature.

Admin Login Path

Fri, 07/14/2017 - 13:28

This is a simple project that alters the route for login to use the admin theme. There is no UI for the module, by enabling it you will have altered the routes for user/login, user/password, and user/register to use the sites administration theme.


Fri, 07/14/2017 - 11:25

This plugin prevents people from registering with disposable email addresses like the ones provided by mailinator (also known as throw-away email, one-time email). It protects your most important asset, your registered user base, by preventing contamination by fake accounts. This plugin working principle is similar to spam blacklists.


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