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Excel Importer

10 hours 59 min ago

Slack Migrate API Notifications

Fri, 10/30/2020 - 20:58

Sends notifications of migration events to Slack.

Salesforce Past Log

Fri, 10/30/2020 - 08:02

This module provides a Past Log for Salesforce API requests using the Salesforce Suite module.

Multi Peer Review

Thu, 10/29/2020 - 21:14

The Multi Peer Review module adds functions that facilitate peer review of your publications by various user-defined panels.

Unlike conventional peer review where all peer reviewers are typically experts on the subject, a multi peer review process divides peer reviewers into separate review panels who represent distinct stakeholder types. This allows for consumers, industry and other stakeholders to review papers under their respective panels while retaining experts and specialists by appointing them to specialist panels.

Feeds Tamper Mislabeled Encoding

Thu, 10/29/2020 - 14:34

Fixes Windows-1252 chars (80-9f) in ISO 8859-1 labeled string with UTF-8 chars.

Tested use case:
Import ISO 8859-1 JSON feed with some Windows-1252 chars

Link Field tweak

Thu, 10/29/2020 - 13:26

This modules is for some tweaks to the core link module

At this point this module only provides the following tweak:

CKEditor Paste Excel

Thu, 10/29/2020 - 08:19

This module is developed to copy and paste table content from Word document or Excel document .

Node Import API

Thu, 10/29/2020 - 07:06

Ckeditor Pasteimage

Thu, 10/29/2020 - 05:20

This module is developed to copy and paste image content from Word document into editor to upload image.

UIkit Views

Wed, 10/28/2020 - 22:26

UIkit Views allows you to output by the UIkit components fastly,

such as Accordion 、Filter、Grid、Lightbox、List、Slider、Table、Card、Slidershow, And Switcher etc.

The module provides a Views 3 style plugin.

1. Enabled uikit views module.
2. Go to admin/structure/views and add or edit a view
3. Select a formats style and apply , save view
4. Enjoy!

UI Patterns + Miyagi

Wed, 10/28/2020 - 19:58

This module helps integrating the miyagi pattern library with your drupal installation.

What is miyagi

miyagi is a component development tool for JavaScript templating engines. More info here


Install the module as usual, all dependencies are handled by composer.


Wed, 10/28/2020 - 18:34

Entitree provides a tree structure to content entities in a Drupal site. Along with the structure itself, Entitree provides tools to enable support for entity types as well as an API for accessing the tree structure. Once an entity type is made available, all entities of that type can be added to the tree.

Included Submodules Entitree Node

Support for the Node (content) entity type is provided in a submodule. This module must be enabled for Node support to be provided.

Migrate Orphans Purger

Wed, 10/28/2020 - 14:52

When using migrate to import data from external data sources, we often have the issue, that the external data source deletes records we previously imported. In our database remain "orphans" and our migrate_map tables are full of orphaned entries.

This modules comes with a handy drush command to remove orphans from a specific migration by comparing the migrate_map table and the external data source.

You have two options:

Display Name

Wed, 10/28/2020 - 14:14

File Details

Wed, 10/28/2020 - 13:56

The File Details module provides a field formatter for media file entity types.
This module provides the following functionality:
- Display mime icon before link text
- Display mime icon after link text
- Open link in new tab
- Show mime type information
- Show extension type information
- Show file size information

Date Range Views

Wed, 10/28/2020 - 08:52

Entity Reference Media

Wed, 10/28/2020 - 08:33

Similar to Entity Reference Module but specially designed for referencing Media items.

Problems we solve:

Modify/Add a Caption to a Media item and change it OUTSIDE of the Media item and not inside of it.
So you can use the Media item multiple times with different captions.

There is a bigger Drupal Core issue, which this module tries to bypass and make it also more flexible solution.

Field Color

Tue, 10/27/2020 - 22:07

Multilingual Audit

Tue, 10/27/2020 - 14:11

Provides an automated multilingual audit report for your site.

kurt (url shortcuts & alias lock)

Tue, 10/27/2020 - 12:20

Provides a Kurt entity to manage url shortcuts and alias lock.


This module allows a user to generate url shortcuts with a prefix defined in the settings, or an alias lock without a prefix.
Deadlines for availability could be set. When the shortcut is called outside these dates or is disabled, a redirection is made to the home page. Without defined dates, the shortcut is always available.


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